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Who We Are

Discover unparalleled engineering expertise at IDAC. We specialize in simulation solutions, focusing on Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Structural Engineering, and Piping Analysis and design. With a deep understanding of material behaviour and fluid flow, we assess complex systems' integrity and performance. Our commitment to precise Structural Engineering ensures meticulous analysis and design for diverse structures, from buildings to bridges. In sectors like oil, gas, and process engineering, our Piping solutions guarantee safe fluid transportation. At the core of our services is the optimization of designs, systems, and structures, enhancing performance and safety. Partner with us for a comprehensive engineering consultancy.


Our Roadmap to Success


Being an analysis partner and solution provider for engineering firms across various sectors.?


Maintaning a strong technical team up to date with latest simulation technology to be able to efficiently use the analysis tools for design check and optimization.

Our Client