CFD (Computational fluid dynamics)

CFD is a computer based engineering method of predicting and analysing the fluid flow and heat transfer around a design. The software performs millions of calculations to simulate the interactions of fluid and gases with the complex objects used in engineering.

2D model of a Vertical Wind Turbine

Velocity contour generated by the interaction between a rotating wind turbine and the wind. The simulation is made in Ansys Fluent and the flow field is obtained as a combination of a stationary domain and a moving mesh inside with a simple wind turbine model.

CFD Analysis of Fluidised Sloshing

Free surface movement of liquid fluid in a tank under an horizontal acceleration. The animation shows the interaction between the fluid and two baffle plates.

Transonic Flow Around a 2D Airfoil

This animation shows the pressure of the flow field generated by a transonic flow around a 2D airfoil. To better capture the shockwave the Ansys Fluent mesh adaptation tool was used. Depending on a specific parameter (the pressure gradient, in this case) the mesh was refined only in some locations in order to improve the quality of the solution.

Water Boiling

The animation shows a container of water at the temperature near the boiling point. The temperature of a portion of the bottom wall is above the water boiling temperature. Because of the heat transfer between the wall and the fluid, vapor bubbles form and rise due to the buoyancy. The vapor escapes through the free surface.

Multiphase Analysis Using ANSYS Fluent

Fluid flow using ANSYS Fluent software to simulate liquid movement down through a pipe towards and filling a generic tank.