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"IDAC have helped Capoco particularly with the more complex issues of the plastic, nonlinear FE analyses. However, the benefits we have had from our co-operation with IDAC, over the years, are more than the straightforward support with ANSYS and FEA projects. It is this degree of constancy that we value in our relationship with IDAC. We have consulted them on the deeper issues of operating systems, model geometry generation and hardware."

- Capoco Design Ltd

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Hussey Seatway Ltd

Deflection and Vibration Analysis of Auditorium Seating

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Glenfield Valves

Valve Vibration Analysis

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Cussons Technology Ltd

Sway Carriage Analysis

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Nova Design

Linear & Nonlinear Static Analyses

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SMS Mevac UK Ltd

CFD Analysis of a Fixed Fume Extraction Hood

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Piper Test and Measurement Ltd & Siemens AG

Optimised Design of IPP Drive Support Structure

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